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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Explanation of Labels

DISCLAIMER: If you have come here to either view my blog, or join my blog, please be aware that, depending on my state of mind, I may have material that is not suitable for sensitive eyes. While I will never shown total nudity, some images seen at this blog may have a slight nude nature. if this is unacceptable, please do NOT view those images with (AC) in the header. This will be your warning that these tutorials are of a slight adult nature.

As you can tell from my labels box, I have quite a few labels that most might understand, but not in this Polish mind! LOL So, let me explain them to you so you'll have a better understanding of how to navigate my blog.

"Blog Train": Signals trains I have been included in, not trains I have garnered kits from. Those may be labeled "freebie" and "rants & ravings".

"PTU Tubes": These tubes are from stores that are no longer functioning, such as PTE, MPT, SATC and STOP. If I purchased it at a store, and have a valid license for them, you'll find them under this category. Normally, if the artist has moved, I will have them listed under their new store via a link in the tutorial. If not, I have not been able to find them at that current time.

If you see an individual tube designer listed, such as Barbara Jensen or Ismael Rac, then it is because I either have a new license for each designer or I have older tubes by that designer that enables me to use those tubes, of which I have plenty without purchasing newer versions (like Elias or Keith). Some older tube designers have their own stores now and I do direct (and seek out) the exact tube listed in their store for easier location. I may not have a current license per store/designer but older license numbers are good forever.

If you see only a store listed, it is because I use more than one designer from that store and it is easier for me to point that out in bulk than to list each individual tube designer.

FTU Tubes are tubes by FTU tube designers. ALWAYS give proper credit, even with a FTU artist.

"PTU": ONLY is about the kit itself, not the tube I used. If I purchased a kit, or was on a creative team for a kit designer and acquired that kit for designing purposes, then it will be listed with this label. It does NOT mean I will have the actual kit listed in my post, unless I have DIRECT PERMISSION from the person I CT'd for.

FTU is also only for the kit and not the tube itself.

"PDN How TO": This refers to any program tutorials I created (or have reproduced here via others) for the Free-To-Use Paint.Net Photo Manipulating program that uses the .Net (dot Net) framework on Microsoft. I have tried to gather as much information from the forums, and from what designing users want to see happen in the program, in order to create tutorials to mimic that of Corel PSP.

"Paint.Net": This refers to the actual designing tutorials I have create from FTU or PTU kits and tubes that bring you the ability to create a bit of eye candy for friends or your groups. You will find those created by Corel PSP under its' own label as well.

"Rants & Ravings": These post can be me complaining about something, telling you about something, or showing you something that I have completed. Sometimes these will be marked as "freebie" because I used freebies in them and this can help you find those as well.

"Animation": This points you in the direction of all tutorials that uses Animation Shop 3 (which is compatible with both programs) and uses animations created by animation designer in the tutorial. All other tutorials are static (non-moving) and are not labeled.

HOLIDAYS and SEASONS have their own label for easier location.

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