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Friday, February 3, 2012

HOW TO: Add Eye Candy Plugins to your Program

You must download and install one PDN file. Click the image below to find your download.

Unzip and then add this to your Effects folder in your Paint.Net Program files. Then, download your new Alien Skin software.
Once you have downloaded your Eye Candy and unzipped the folder, it normally has "Setup" application. Click your application to start the setup process.

I will be working with Eye Candy 5, an older version of software by Alien Skin, but I realize that, too, is out-of-date (so to speak)! Each time I have downloaded Eye Candy, I have gotten two different ways to start up my software.

In Eye Candy Nature 5.1, my "Setup" is my application file and the one I need to click to start the process as shown in this tutorial.
However, in Eye Candy 5 Natural, my setup application is labeled as shown below. Click the "Application" file to start the installation process.
Some Eye Candy may have a silly looking file name to their setup application, as shown below for Eye Candy Impact:
In these three Eye Candy (and some other plugins you may find), always click the file with "application" to the far right hand side. These will start your installation process.

Lastly, some of the plugins you may want to download (outside of Eye Candy) may not have a set up application at all! Like the Almather plugins shown below:
In this case, simply drag and drop the whole folder (not the individual 8bf filters) into either Program Files or Program Files (x86). Depending on where they work (see below) is where you'll want to keep them. Removing them from the folder where they work because you think they belong in the other folder will stop them from working.

Once you have your application going, follow the steps below. Good luck!

When this starts, you'll see this window:
Click Next to get this window:
You MUST accept the agreement before going on! This is important.

Once you get past this, you must add your name, company (if applicable) and your license number.
When the next screen pops up, you'll see it will want to place it in Corel PSP. You can actually click to choose where you want your plugin to go.
It will take you to C:/ and all of the Programs listed on your computer. Find your chosen location to add your plugins to.

***Note: On Windows 8, you see TWO locations--Program Files and Program Files (x86). If your installation doesn't work in one folder, try the other. Some of my plugins went into one (and worked) but not the other and vise versa.***
Click ok and the process will start. Once completed, it will say it has finished and you just need to click the finish button.

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