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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

HOW TO: Add Glitter -- Non Animation

This is the tag that I have created to add text.
After I rename and drop shadow all of my layers, I am ready to add text. In your layers box, add a new layer.
Go to your toolbar and select "text".
In your upper toolbar, you'll see the following drop down boxes. Find your font and the size that you wish to use. These are mine:
I want to choose a colour from within my design so I'll go to my toolbar, select colour picker and go to my TUBE layer to pull out a colour. Click only ONCE on the colour you wish to use and it will show up in your colour wheel.
NOTE: If you wish to use a certain colour from a project for your CafeMom profile or boxes, you can always expand out your colour wheel, seek out "Hex", copy the code there and place it in any of the boxes in your profile design.
Type your text on your blank layer and move into position. This is what mine looks like now:
Don't worry if you pick a text that has spaces in it. It will be cleared up soon.

Now that you have your text placed, duplicate the layer in your layers box. Hide by un-checking the first layer and highlight the second layer for usage.
Outline the second layer by doing the following:
This box will pop up. Adjust your settings to your liking.
Now this is what my text looks like:
Now, drop shadow the same layer by doing the following:
This box will pop up. Adjust your settings to your liking.
This is what my text looks like now: 
In your layers box, check your top layer to make it visible and highlight it. This is the layer we'll put glitter on.
Do the following: 
This box will pop up. Adjust the settings to your liking by using the (1) sliders to adjust it higher or lower OR (2) type in the box what numbers you want. These are mine:
This is what my text looks like now:
Merge the two text layers down and you have added non-animated glitter text to your creation. This is my finished work:

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