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Monday, February 13, 2012

HOW TO: Add Paper Behind a Frame - PART TWO

Today, I will show you how to add and remove excess from a square frame. Below is the design I created just for this tutorial.
I used a cluster frame (for ease of describing the process) and just pulled out a colour from my cluster frame in order to create the mask layer (#191 by Insatiable Dreams).

If you look at my layers box, you'll see that I have everything in order and now need to make a new background behind my tube as a filler.
In your left hand toolbar, find "Rectangle Select". While on your white background layer, slowly crop out the square of your frame opening, leaving some to spare.
Hit delete on your keyboard to remove the excess. This will remove a section of the white background, so that all you can see is the grey/clear transparent background.
Add a new layer above your white background. Pick a colour from your frame and flood-fill the new layer; move below the white background.
While on your coloured background, use your rectangle select tool again to crop the frame opening again.
Hit delete on your keyboard and all of the excess disappears!
Use any 8bF filters to add texture, drop shadow your tube and do one of two things with your white background: (1) keep it and animate your design or (2) delete it and save as a PNG.

Add your name and copyright and you're done!

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