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Monday, February 13, 2012

HOW TO: Add a Paper Behind a Frame

I follow a lot of Corel PSP tutorials. I love trying to figure out how they do things and convert them into PDN tutorials. This is how I stumble upon a lot of the tutorials you see on this page ... by my trial and error. LOL

Today, I will show you how to add paper behind a frame the SAME way they instruct you to do in any Corel PSP tutorial.

This is my design today:
As you can tell, I have my elements, my tube and my mask added to my design but not a paper behind my frame.

So I open a yellow dotty paper that I wish to use and resized it by 25%. This makes it small enough that it won't overrun my design and yet still show my dots.

Copy your paper and the add above your frame layer:

Once complete, if you need to, move it to where you'd like it and then remove the addition frames.

Now, Grab your magic wand and click inside of your frame. Make sure you are INSIDE your frame.
Once done, go to Edit > Invert Selection. Now it will look like this:
Once the direction of the deletion inverts, simply click on the paper layer and hit delete. It will remove all of the paper from around the inverted area. Move below your layers until it sits on your mask layer.

Drop shadow all of your layers.  Add your name and copyright, upload to Photobucket and enjoy!

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