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Monday, February 6, 2012

HOW TO: Add Text To Any Image or Design

♥ Let's begin! ♥

Open your program and the item you want to add text to. I'm using a picture of my sweethearts!

(***Note: if you are using a bit of graphic art you created, simply add a layer above all layers and continue below.***)

In your layers box, add a new layer to add your text to.
In your toolbar, find and locate your text:
Find your font and your font size. You can type the font size in the box OR choose from the drop down menu.
Find the colours you want to use in your item in your colour wheel.
Keep adding a new layer for each word you wish to use and then merge the layers into one. Paint.Net will allow you to use more than one word on a layer but I find that the enter (to place it underneath a previous word) uses too much space for me, If I use one layer for EACH word I want, then I can place them as far apart, or close together, as possible.
I want my text to really sit out so I want to outline and drop shadow my text.
This is what part of my wording now looks like after adding outline and drop shadow.
How about rotate? Let's see how it works if I rotate my text in my photo. Do the following:
Merge your text layer down onto your photo and you're done!

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