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Sunday, February 5, 2012

HOW TO: Basics On Layers

Learning your layers box and how your layers work is one aspect of your program that you'll need to know in order to create graphic art. It's really quite simple.

♥ Let's begin! ♥

Open your program. A page will automatically pop up but, since I want to show you how to add layers, I will create a new canvas and re-size my papers in smaller sizes so you can see this better.

As you can tell from below, I have three NEW paper sizes and one WHITE background (giving me a total of FOUR layers).
In your layers box, this is what these layers look like (I've extended out my layers box by pulling one corner so you can see this better).
As you've already seen, all the layers are in order, from smallest to largest, on both my canvas and in my layers box. But, what if I want to move a layer down? This is so simple.

Making sure that you have the layer you wish to move highlighted in BLUE (as seen below), highlight the arrow indicating "Move Layer Down" and click once.
Your layers box will now look like this:
And your canvas will look like this:
Oops, it looks like I don't want that layer down there so I want to move it back up again. How do I do that? By clicking the arrow indicating "Move Layer Up", as shown below:
And now your layers box will look like this:
Our canvas is back to the way we first started!

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