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Monday, February 13, 2012

HOW TO: Colour Eyes

Open your program and choose the photo that you would like to use. I will be using my son, as his eyes are brown and I'm going to change them to blue.
Now, select your ellipse or lasso tool. You may use either one, depending on what you are comfortable with.
Select the part of the eye you are going to change by encircling it with your chosen tool. You can use the little nubs to move or stretch your circle to fit your eye.
In your upper toolbar, go to Effects > Colour > Colour Tint.
The box below will pop up. Adjust the colour to your liking.
Once completed, go to Edit > Deselect to get rid of the frame around your chosen tool (mine is ellipse).

This is my son now, with two different colour eyes!

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