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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

HOW TO: Create an Avatar & Banner in PDN

I was recently asked how to create an Avatar for CafeMom profiles and so I will show you how to do this in any size in PDN.

Please remember, average sized avatars in CafeMom are normally 150x150 in size.

♥ Let's Begin! ♥

Create a new canvas 250x250.

I'm using "Cornilia" by Elias Chatzoudis. I've mirrored (flipped horizontal) my tube and then resized by 75%. I've moved it into the desired position and erased what I wished not to show.

Using my colour picker, I then chose a colour from my model's lips to add as a background.

Add a layer above your white background and flood fill with your colour. Add any effect you want. I used ICNET's Filters Unlimited > Special Effects > Venetian Blinds Horizontal > Density: 171 > Shading: 8.

Now, add a layer above all of your layers and choose another colour from your chosen tube. I chose the colour from her dress (which is not visible).

Effects > Render > Border > Thickness: 5 > Line > OK.
Outline your border and drop shadow to your liking. I choose a colour from her hair for my outline and my drop shadow was -3 / 3 / 0 / 6 / 90.

Duplicate your border and Layers > Flip Horizontal > Layers > Flip vertical and merge both border layers together.

Add a layer above your blinds layer and add your initial. My font is "Oh Photo Shooot" (HERE) and I am using the same colour as my border. Simply add your initial, outline and drop shadow to your liking.

When adding your copyright, simply use the designer and your license number--no web site is needed on something so small.

For your banner, you follow the same principles as you would an avatar, but use the sizing of 600x250.

Still using the same tube, I simply resized it for my banner on the left and upsized it larger for the right.

I don't normally recommend this because the image goes blurry but I'm going to show a little trick
today. double click on this layer in the layers box to bring up the box below.
Lower your layer properties from 225 to 155. This makes your tube look faded and part of the background.

Again, create your border, add your outline and then your drop shadow. Duplicate your border, mirror and flip then merge together.

On a banner, please use your FULL copyright--Artist, website, year and your name. It is large enough to so do.

Add your copyright and enjoy!


  1. How beautiful ladyHawk.. I didn't know you had this on here.. thank you,, that was very sweet of you..

  2. I actually been trying to make tags again,,lol... hopefully I can make them as good as you do..

    1. Thank you, Kista! I use name form CafeMom here a lot. LOL It gives my followers a little gift from me for being such great requesters. I hope you enjoy them!

      And you'll get good. I've been at it a lot of years so it took me a while to get here. And you'll get there, too.

    2. Oh I'm sorry,, I had you mixed up with ladyhawk..
      thank you and I hope I get good like you too.

    3. Kista, I am LadyHawk70 on CafeMom. That is how I got your name, dear. LOL You also contacted me at that location as well. Have a great weekend! ~Tina~