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Saturday, February 11, 2012

HOW TO: Extend A Template

Have you ever gotten a template that you've wanted to use but felt it didn't have enough space? I've actually figured out how to extend mine so that it works like a dream. And it's so VERY simple!

♥ Let's begin! ♥

This is the template that I have decided to use. As you can tell, there is hardly enough space around the edges to use for someone like me! LOL The size of this template is 606x494.
Now I want to go to my upper toolbar. Go to Image > Canvas Size and this box will pop up:
It shows you what the size of your template is now and that, if you change the settings, it will "Maintain Aspect Ratio". This will make your template look off-sides. Let's change our settings, making sure  "Maintain Aspect Ratio" is now unchecked:
I figure an extra 100 pixels will do me good, but I'm leaving my anchor as the middle. Remember, we're only extending the template space OUT so we want our extra space all AROUND the template.

(NOTE: If you move the anchor, the extra space will only go to one side and not evenly around the template.)

This is now what my template looks like (note, I cropped template image #1, above, and this one together so you can see how much space was added)
In your toolbar, go to File > Save As > From the drop down menu, Select Photoshop (*.psd) > Locate the original template > Click Save.
When the second box pops up, just click yes. A third box will pop up. Just click ok and you're done.
Now, you have an extended, usable template for future use. In saving as the file name of the original template, you're still giving the creator their creative due!

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