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Monday, February 13, 2012

HOW TO: Make Textured Paper in PDN

I wrote this Quick and Easy tutorial on February 13, 2012 using Paint.Net and for those who have working knowledge of PDN.  Any similarity to another tutorial is purely coincidental. Please do NOT claim as your own. My tutorials are for personal use only. Please do NOT use them for monetary gain. If you would like to post in your group, please be sure to post a link back to my blog.

♥ Plugins used ♥

Eye Candy 4000 Jiggle
Xero Porcelain
Xero Iridium
Harry's Plugins

♥ Let's Begin! ♥

Open a new canvas of 900x900 and flood fill with your chosen colour. Go here and download this texture for our tutorial.

Open your texture and Edit > Select All > Edit > Copy and go to your canvas to Edit > Paste in to new layer. You can x-out the old texture.

Add a new layer above this layer, Flood fill this layer as well with your chosen colour. My colour is listed below.
Duplicate this layer once you've filled it. Hide both layers. We'll return here shortly.

On your colour textured layer, leave normal but lower the opacity to 80%.

Next, add the following Harry's Filter plugin to the same layer:
This adds more texture to your already textured layer. Now use the Eye Candy settings right after your Harry's plugin to give it some punch.
I added an extra punch to my texture layer by adding Xero Porcelain to it with these settings:
Then, I did Effects > Photo > Glow and added the setting below:
Let's now return to our coloured layers.

On the coloured layer ABOVE your textured layer, Add Xero Iridium with the following settings:
Now, lower your opacity to 150% and change to colour burn.

On the layer above this one, I add Xero Porcelain again, but with these settings:
I then changed this layer's opacity to 100% and changed it to glow. I also re-added to this layer my Eye Candy Jiggle and Harry's Wonderland plugins.

If it is too dark or too light for you, play around a bit in Adjustments to get it to your liking.

Here is my final product! Try it out!

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