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Monday, February 6, 2012

HOW TO: Outline Text

First, before you begin, you'll need to download the Outline plugin and add this to your Effects folder of your PDN files. There are several versions to choose from but my favourite is by BoltBait HERE.

When I add text to any design that I have created, I ALWAYS add a layer first. In this way, I have a CLEAR layer in order to add my text to for outlining and drop shadow.

Go to your tools and chose the "Text" option.
When you do this, "font" and "size" options pop up in your upper toolbar. Like so:
From the drop down menu, choose your font. The program comes with it's own font sizes, which may or may not be helpful to you. However, you can change the font size to what size YOU want it to be.

Highlight the numbers in the "size" box to where they look like this:
Type in the number you wish to have your font size. It can be ANY number. I typed mine as "195". Click anywhere AROUND the blue of your canvas (not your canvas itself) and the blue shading will disappear, like so:
Now your font size is "195", which is not an option within your program but is now workable.

Type out your text. This is me. *waving hello*
Go to your upper toolbar and find "Effects" > "Object" > "Outline Object".
This box will pop up:
"Radius" is how thick your outline will be. "Strength" is how hard it will look. (You can lower strength to make it look slightly blurry.) Your outline colour is listed (mine is black right now) and then you have your RGB spaces.

If you were to click ok now, it will only outline your black text with thicker black. So, what if you want to outline your text in a different colour?

Well, you can either move the sliders up and down .... (which, as you can tell, didn't touch the RGB)
Or you can click anywhere on the colour wheel circle in order to get a new colour. (Which does change the RGB)
Either of these colours will change the outline of your text, like so:
Now you've seen how to outline your text! You can use this even for objects.

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