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Sunday, February 12, 2012

HOW TO: Pop Out A Tube From A Frame

♥ Let's begin! ♥

This is the start of a tag that I will use to show you how I do this tutorial.
As you can tell, my tube is ABOVE my frame. But I want to move this one UNDER my frame to start with. Using your down arrow in your layers box, move your tube layer down.
Duplicate your layer:
Your layers box will now look like this: 
Move this new duplicated layer ABOVE your frame. 
Un-check your top tube layer and highlight your bottom tube layer.
Select your eraser from your left toolbar. 
Adjust your brush width:
Slowly and carefully eraser ALL of the girl's legs ONLY. You only need to  erase as much as it would require to get it under the frame.

This is what I have now:
Now, go to your top tube layer in your layers box and check it, making sure it is also highlighted. 
Drop shadow this layer to your liking first. Then, slowly and carefully erase the legs from this tube, making sure you BARELY go over the TOP of the frame. 
You can see her legs are gone, but her "buddy" is hanging  OUT of the frame. By the red arrow, we still have the tag. Go to both layers of the tube and erase this now.

Finish adding your elements and name. Re-size, add the copyright of the tube designer and save as a PNG.

This is what I have:

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