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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

HOW TO: Resize A Photo Mask For a Larger Mask

I have been asked many, many times how I create a larger mask out of a smaller one, because some designers make their masks from 500x500 to 700x700. This is quite simple and I'll show you how to do that here.

Below is a FTU mask by Vix, which is sized 600x600. In Corel PSP, it will automatically look at this mask and add it to any size paper, of which you'd have to re-size before adding to the canvas. In PDN, however, it takes a little work.
But, I use full size kits sometimes and resize my papers 900x900 to apply my masks and I need this slightly bigger.

Open your mask in Paint.Net and then Image > Resize > 800x800 > ok.
If your mask is slightly more blurry than you like, just sharpen it by 2.

To apply your mask, re-size your paper and then Effects > Alpha Mask > Find your mask > OK.
Now the mask is applied to your larger paper.
Go back to your original mask and undo the re-size than save in its' proper size for later usage with tagger sized kits!

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