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Saturday, February 4, 2012

HOW TO: Use Tutorial Colour Codes

Your colour has your primary colours and most people do stick with those. But, have you ever seen this when you visit a tut site (for scrap tuts)?
Here, Angel of Angel's Tuts, gives you two different colours to use when creating this tag. One is a black background; the other is a pink background. This is how you'd incorporate that into your colour wheel.

Bring up your colour wheel. Click "More" to open the palate.
Since it's already black, we don't need to do anything here. From the drop down menu, pull up "Secondary:
Type in the code Angel gives you:
Go to your tools, scan down to "Gradient" and make sure it's "Linear".
Open any size canvas. It doesn't matter the size, since this is only a test. Put your gradient tool anywhere on the page, like so:
Pull it anywhere downward that you'd like. I've shown you how I dragged mine by the white line. When you have completed, you'll see how it goes from black to pink and all the colours in between.
Did you find this tutorial useful? Why not try your hand at it?

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