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Sunday, February 5, 2012

HOW TO: Use Your Layers Box

♥ Let's begin! ♥

Layers Box:

The first box I'd like to go over is your "Layers" Box. This is a wonderful little tool that you can use instead of some of the options in your toolbar. This is what your "Layers" box look like:
As you can tell, I have nothing open. LOL This box will show you every last single layer you add to your tag. Each of the little options at the bottom mean something. Let's go over them from left to right.

New Layer: will add a transparent layer to your tag.
Delete Layer: will delete a layer from your tag that you no longer want.
Duplicate Layer: will add a second layer of any element you want to add twice easily.
Merge Layer: this will merge two layers, in case you have the same duplicate element (flipped or otherwise) into one layer.
Move Layer Up: will move a layer into a different section. Good if you add an element but want it to be above another element instead of below it.
Move Layer Down: will move an element or mask into the position you wish it to be in. Great if you add your mask last and need to move it under all of your elements.
Layer Opacity: is great if you wish to lower the opacity of an element, such as making a duplicated tube look like it has a shadow when it hangs out of a frame.


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