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Saturday, February 4, 2012

HOW TO: Your Colour Wheel Explained

This is what your colour wheel looks like closed.
As soon as you view your Colour Wheel, you'll see a few things that stand out. Your PRIMARY colour is always black. Always. And all of your primary colours are pretty much listed across the bottom of your colour wheel.

Now let's open the Colour Wheel and see more of what it has in store.
As you can see, the primary colours at the bottom open up into many, many more options.

NOTE: The bottom two lines of colours are gradients. They go from dark colour to sheer colour.

On the left hand side, you'll see a drop down menu that shows what your PRIMARY and SECONDARY colours are.
Since I never changed the colours, the PRIMARY listed here is BLACK and the SECONDARY here is WHITE. You can see these colours in the first image I used.

So, I changed the colour here so that I can show you the RGB slots.
As you can see, when I changed the colour to magenta, the RGB slots changed, showing how much of each colour (Red, Green, Blue) is used in making this one colour. You can use these colours at any time in the Outline box to change the colours of your outline, too!

In the bottom right hand corner, you'll see "Transparency - Alpha".
If you leave the number listed (the number listed is the highest), the colour will stay solid. If you lower the number, the colour becomes more transparent.

Between RGB and HSV, you'll see "Hex". Hex is the numbered location of your colour on the colour wheel, seen in the center of your box!
The last is HSV and I'm not even sure what this does. LOL
So, what if you have selected a colour but wish to have your black back? Just click the little black box in the lower primary colours listing (either closed or open). It's always the first box on the top row that you see!

              Further Little Nooks and Crannies

In the upper left hand side will be listed your chosen colours.
This arrow shows what your last colour was used. You cannot use this to recall the last colour you picked from any image that I can tell. I tried and failed but I'm still looking.
When I clicked on those little boxes (either one), it took me back to the set colours of black and white.

You can also change which colour is used as primary and secondary without having to use your colour picker. Just click on the little double headed arrow (seen below) and it switches the order of the colours.
You can also ADD your custom colour to your colour palate by going here. (I will research this more so I know how to do it and will create a tut when I find out)
And you can also SAVE your custom colour palates by going to the location shown below. I do know it takes you to a folder in your program (the ones saved on your computer) but I'm not sure how that works yet. I will create a tut when I find out.

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