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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Template and Kit Layout

Hello Blog-o-sphere! Pinky here, coming at you with another daily dose of cuteness.

I couldn't help myself! My friend, Prissy, over at Cake Pot Pie Designs, has just placed up some really cool FTU items that I just had to snag so I can show you how cute these little buggers can be!

I used her Layout Template Pack, template 2 (which you can find here) and her extremely cute kit "Anna" (which you can find here) to create a little memorial to the little boy my teenager once was. LOL Yeah, they grow up and act all hardcore on us, I know. But I guess that hug he gave me last night just proved he's still Momma's boy and so it took me back to sweet memories of fun times with my blue eyed angel baby!

Here's my LO

I'm pretty darned proud of myself! While this isn't my first LO, it is my first "professional" LO. LOL The blues and browns in this kit just matched his eyes and hair colour. I couldn't resist finding these old pictures to gussy up. This is definitely worth trying again. Time to search the web! LOL

Did you do something wonderful with this kit? Let us know and you could be showcased as well!

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