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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Blog Train: Scraps N Stuff's "Peach Loves Gold"

Welcome to the newest CafeMom Group, Scraps N Stuff's, blog train, called "Peach Loves Gold". Our kits, clusters or freebies were to be based on the colour scheme below:
This was perfect for me, as I love romance as much as I love pink! :-) I feel that I have captured my ideology on the topic in my kit so I hope that you enjoy it as much as I loved making it.

Blog Train is now over.

Here are the rest of the stops on this tour of love!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Repeating Pattern Freebie

Recently, I have finally decided to use my Pixelscrappers account to learn something new. After all, I was always told that a day isn’t a day unless you learn something new. That’s how I came upon learning to do a repeating dot pattern! It was so simple and easy to do; I don’t know why I hadn’t tried it sooner.

What to give your try at it? Sign up for a free account here.

And, if not, I’m sharing my repeating dot pattern! Just right click to save to your computer. Add to your patterns folder in Corel PSP and you’re done!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mishka Dark Christmas

Leopard the Teddy Bear Freebie

Isn’t here just so cute? Well, outside of those creepy eyes anyway. LOL I created this by doing a tutorial that I found in my misadventures on the internet. I was extremely surprised by how easy this tutorial was and by the fact that I created this whole thing in Corel PSP!
Hmmm, I’m going to try this one in Pain.net as well, just to see if our sisters-in-design can also benefit from this tutorial.
You can try this tutorial here. Until then, Leopard the Teddy Bear is up for grabs from me. You can get him here. Enjoy!

Poison's Sweet Lil Christmas

Garvey Happy Holidays

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sweet Caroline

 Supplies Used 

“Sweet Pony” by Elias Chatzoudis HERE
(PTU) “Adios Script Pro” (PTU) here
“Sweet Caroline” by Eva Kipler, HERE. (RIP Eva-died 11/2012)
Mask 1 by Tonya HERE.
 Lets’ Begin! 
Open paper 2, resize by 25% and apply your mask. Save in *psd form as “Sweet Caroline”.
Duplicate your mask and merge the two layers together.
Open frame double and resize by 40%. Center this in the middle of your mask layer.
Open your standing tube, resize if needed and add to the left hand side of your frame. I upsized mine by 102% and sharpened by 2.
Open your close up tube, flip horizontal and add below your frame, in the bottom window. Use your eraser to carefully remove the excess. Flip Horizontal again and then repeat with the upper frame window. Merge the two layers together.
Open sequin spill and resize by 35%. Add to the right side of your frame layer. Remove the two sections that fall over your mask layer.
Open flower 3, resize by 45% and add in the middle of the upper frame. Duplicate, flip vertical and then merge these two layers together.
Open flower 4, resize by 50% and add over the flower 3 layer.
Open butterfly and resize by 20%. Add above your sequin layer and position.
Crop your design and resize, if needed.
Add your name and copyright. Save and upload to photobucket. Enjoy!

Crowe It's Christmas

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Changing Leaves Freebie Kit

Well, everyone, I decided to try my hand at kit making yet again. I'm still learning but I hope that I'm not doing too poorly. LOL

My latest kit is called "Changing Leaves" and it started out back in November when the leaves here were changing their colours. It just took me a bit to find papers and such to complete what I had envisioned. I'm now quite satisfied with it and hope someone out there can find a use for it. LOL

I love the colours of fall -- the browns and oranges and darker greens -- so I tried in incorporate these into the kit. With a splash of colour and a little rust, it makes for a perfect addition to any old photos!

Please do not use for anything but Personal Use. If you decide to make anything from it, and wish to have your tag showcased on my blog, please email me your design and blog URL.

On Sleepy Wings

I wrote this tutorial on December 3, 2013 using Paint.Net and for those who have working knowledge of Paint.Net.  Any similarity to another tutorial is purely coincidental. Please do NOT claim as your own. My tutorials are for personal use only. Please do NOT use them for monetary gain. If you would like to post in your group, please be sure to post a link back to my blog.

 Supplies Used 

Tube of choice: “Wings” by Jose Cano. (Update) You can now purchase this tube HERE. Please do not use without a valid license.
Font of Choice:  “Nautigal” by Rob, which you can get it here. I also used Bell MT for my license tag.
Scrap Kits: (FTU) “Fresh Start” by Soxsational Scraps, which you can be found here.
Mask: “Mask 62” by Moonbeams & Spiderwebs, which can be found here
 Lets' Begin! 

Create a canvas 800x800.

Open paper 2 and apply your mask. Resize by 80% and add to your canvas, center, flip layer vertical and then flip white background.

Save in *psd and name “Fresh Start”.

Open element 29 (double frame) and position this over your mask. 

Open your tube, upsize by 102%, sharpen by 4 and then add to your canvas.

Open element 10 (pink ribbon) and add above your frame layer. Flip white background. Go back to element and use the rotation settings below to set your ribbon. drop with 3-2-0-6-90.
Move the ribbon to one side and duplicate. On each layer, erase one side. Position both to where the look as if they are still connected and merge the two layers together.

Open element 18 and resize by 55%. Add this on the right side of your frame. Flip white background and drop with 3-2-0-6-90. 

Open element 19 (bear) and resize by 35%. Sit him on your chair. Drop with the same settings above but lower your opacity to 60.

Open element 25 and resize by 25% and place under your frame layer, in the left hand window.

Open element 24 and resize by 30% then flip horizontal. Place under your frame layer and last pillow layer, in the left hand window. Run your eraser around the perimeter to eliminate excess.

Open element 5 and resize first by 65%. Move this to the left hand side of your tube layer. Undo this and resize again by 45%. Add this to the right.

Open element 10 and resize by 40% and add this below your last flower layer. Pull upwards and to the left to obscure it somewhat. Undo resize and resize again by 25%. Add this above your chair layer and pull to the right.

Open element 45 and resize by 70%. Add above your tube layer, to the left of the blue flowers. Flip background, then flip horizontal the leaves and drop shadow with 3-2-6-90. Duplicate and flip horizontal again.

On your first leaves layer (by chair), flip vertical and position. Merge the two layers together.

crop your design to your liking, making sure as to not cut off your mask. Flip white background if needed and drop remaining layers that have not been dropped.

Resize, if needed, and add your copyright. Upload to Photobucket and enjoy!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Template by KF Designs & a new LO

I couldn't help myself but create a new LO! With the holidays and my family getting together, I got a really great photograph of my sister-in law and her family. What makes this photo so special is that they don't all normally smile at the same time. LOL With four kids, something always goes wrong at photo time. LOL

I used a freebie Layout Template by KF Designs, which you can find hereTo complete my look, I'm using a scrap kit by JCM Designs, part of the Scraps N Pieces November blog train, which you can find here.

 Here's my LO