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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Slave 4 You (Adult Content)

Supplies Used

Tube of choice: Jose cano’s “Jinx2”, which was purchased when SATC was open. You can find it here. Please do not use without a valid license.
Font of Choice:  Billy Argel font, which you can get here. I also used Bell MT for my license tag.
Scrap Kits: (PTU) “Slave for You” by Addictive Pleasures, which you can get here.

Template: “PSP Asylum” by Charmed Cowgirl, which you can find here.
Mask: “Mask 20” by CakiePotPie Designs, which you can get here.
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow
Alien Skin Xenofex 2 - Constellation
Lokas 3D Shadow

Let's Begin!

Open your template, merged down all of the wording and then delete it. Delete the circles. Add a new layer above, flood fill it white and send to the bottom (wht bkrgrnd).

Open your tube and re-size by 55%. Find the “frame background” and selections > float > De-float > add tube > invert > delete > select none.

Undo your re-size and re-size again by 90%. Find your “frame background” in your layers box and selections > float > De-float > add tube to the left side of the background > invert > delete > select none.

Duplicate the left side tube and mirror.  Click on your “frame background” and invert > click on second tube > delete > Select none. Merge the two layers together. Change to Luminance legacy and lower opacity to 70%.

Open paper 10 and re-size by 60%. Replace your frame background with this paper and delete the old layer.

Open paper 5 and replace rectangle1.

Merge the two thin rectangle layers. Open paper7 and replace the thin rectangles.

Move all of the diamond layers together and then merge together.

Open the string, re-size by 65% and rotate counterclockwise. Erase a portion of the string to your liking. (See my tag for a guide.)

Open paper 1 and apply your mask. Add to your canvas above your wht background. Upsize by 145% and then re-size by 90%.

Open bag, re-size by 50% and mirror. Add to the left side of the template.

Open the lipstick, re-size by 55%. Add in front of the bag and mirror before you drop shadow.

Open shoe, re-size by 50% and add behind the lipstick layer.

Open scrunched ribbon, re-size by 70% and add behind the bag layer. Drop shadow and erase any that shows below the bag layer.

Drop shadow your layers, crop and re-size (if needed). Add your name and now copyright.

Lets’ Animate!

Duplicate the diamond layer three times. Now, you have four layers. Drop shadow the bottom layer.

Hide the uppermost layers for now and concentrate on diamond layer 2. Apply the following settings to this layer, but start with random seed 1 (not the one listed In the image):
On the next several layers, just click once on random seed for each layer. Hide all diamond layers but 1 & 2. (Note: Diamond Layer 1 will always be visible.)

Highlight the top layer, Copy merged and add as a new animation in AS3. Do this for diamond layers 3 & 4 individually and place them one behind the other in AS3.

Click on the first frame and Edit > Select all > Shift +Z to add your optimization settings.

Save, upload to photobucket and enjoy!

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