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Friday, February 14, 2014

Your Kiss is My Bliss

♥ Supplies Used 
Teasin’ Attitude by Ismeal Rac (HERE)
Waterbrush” (name & WA)
Love Always by Tasha’s Playhouse (HERE)
7th one down
Template by Dangerously Delicious Designz (HERE)
Gem's Mask 26 (HERE)
ICNET Filters Unlimited (HERE)
♥ Let's Begin! 

Open your template and delete the credits and font information then name and save.

Image > Canvas size > 800x723. Flood fill the rest of the white background/

Open the tube, resize by 50% and add above all layers. Duplicate and move the second layer to above your light Pink heart layer. Grab you magic wand, click the heart layer and then hit delete on the tube layer.

Duplicate your original tube layer again, move to above the dark Pink heart layer and do the same as above.

Duplicate the tube layer again and mirror. Move to above your crème square layer and then grab your magic wand, click on the square, highlight the tube layer and hit delete.

Open paper 3, resize by 50% and replace the dark and light pink heart layers with it. Then, merge these two layers down with their white backgrounds.

Open paper 2, resize by 70% and replace the brown square layer. Undo your resize; resize by and then change out the tan strip layer.

Add a layer over the larger crème square, use colour FEBCC1 and then replace the original layer. ICNET Filters > Special Effects > venetian blinds > Density: 255 > Shading: 19.

Open Light spots and add above the last layer directions above. Pull this to the top, then duplicate to flip; merge both layers together.

Open paper 4, resize by 80% and replace the gold circle layer.

Open paper 5, resize by 50% and replace the brown circle layer.

Open the frame, resize by 85%, and then add above your black dotted circle layer. Try to center it to the best of your ability (you will not be able to cover the whole line).

Open the bling and add above all layers. Position so it doesn’t cover your pixel text.

Open bow 1 and add above all layers; center near where the two heart layers merge.

Open leaves 1 layer and resize by 50%. Add this below your bow layer and use the rotation settings below.
Duplicate your leaves 1 layer and mirror. Position this slightly downward of your other leaves layer. Merge the two layers together then pull slightly downward to position again.

Open flower 5, resize by 70% and add above your leaves layer. Grab nub to turn slightly.

Open flower 1 and resize by 40%. Add above your flower 5 layer and position.

Open flower 2, resize by 70% and add above your bling layer; position near the center of the leaves layer.

Open flower 1 again and resize by 50%; position this near the end of the bow tie.

Open flower 4 and resize by 60%. Add above your bling layer and pull slightly downward and to the right.

Duplicate the flower 4 layer, mirror and then flip. Position this flower over to the left and then slightly upward.

Add a new layer above your white background and flood-fill with this colour: E8327E. Apply your mask. If you have issues, clear your cookies then apply your mask.

Erase the excess, leaving the left hand side. Duplicate, mirror and then merge these two layers. Duplicate again and pull downward slightly. Use a soft eraser on 50% strength to erase the dark area. Merge.

Apply a PDN glow to your mask layer: 4 / 87 / -64; double the glow then lower the opacity to 125.

Add the scatter above your mask layer and give it a bit of a haircut: erase some of the outlying dots for a cleaner look.

Type out the saying above the pixel text; make sure you add a layer for each word so you can position it before merging.

Drop Shadow the layers, crop or resize to your liking then add your name with copyright. Upload to a photo sharing site and enjoy!

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