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Monday, March 3, 2014

Musical Pieces of Me

 Supplies Used 
Party-Goer by veryMany
No longer available
Try HERE or HERE for a comparable tube
Signarita Chloe” (name)
Pieces of Me Blog Train Part by Snack Pack Gu (HERE)
Cat’s Mask 191 (HERE)
IN Mask 6 set

♥ Lets' Begin! 

Create a canvas 900x900.

Open your frame1 and resize by 30%. Flip white background and then center align your frame. Name and save.

Open paper 12, resize by 20%, add below the frame and then erase the excess.

Open the Piano (keys), resize by 30% and add above the frame, to the left, so that it looks as if the keys are coming around the frame.

Open Flower 1, resize by 30% and add above the pianos keys, lower left hand corner.

Open flower 6, resize by 30% and add above your leaves layer. Duplicate and move to below the flower 1 layer, near the bottom. Merge layers.

Open flower 5, resize by 25% and add near the flower 1 top and bottom. Merge layers.

Open flower 2, resize by 27%, add below your flower 5 layer, duplicate and add one to the side as well (toward the frame). Merge layers.

Open leaves 2, mirror, resize by and then add at the top of the piano keys, near the frame. Duplicate, flip then use the rotation below to position. Merge the two layers together (now called “leaves 1).
Open leaves 2 again and resize by 15%. Tuck these in near your flower 5 (yellow) flowers and then merge (now called “leaves 2”).

Undo leaves resize and resize again by 25% then flip. Add this above your flower 6 layer and use the rotation below (now called “leaves 3”).
Open music sheets, resize by 15% and add above your leaves 3 layer. Pull toward the frame and then erase the smaller papers (at the top).

Duplicate the music sheets layer, mirror and then flip. Move below your flower 6 layer and pull slightly downward.

Open the bow and resize by 20% then add above all layers into your desired position.

Open the violin scatter, resize by 15% and then add above all layer on the bottom.

Open paper 2, apply your mask and add above your white background. Erase the excess on the right side and bottom. Duplicate, flip, mirror and then merge.

Add your tube above your frame and position.

Drop Shadow layers, resize to your liking then add your name with copyright.  Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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