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Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Spring Day

Supplies Used

“Lady Hanna” by Misticheskaya (here)
Font of Choice:  CK Peaches (here)
“New Spring Day” by Dee (here)
“Mask 126” by Aqua (here) 
Animation: Pixie Dust 2 by Missy (here)
Animation Shop 3
Eye Candy 4000: Grad Glow
Xero Porcelain

Let's Begin!

Open paper 1, apply your mask and merge the group. Add a layer above this, flood fill white, and then send to the bottom. You now have a canvas 700x700.

Re-size mask by 85%, duplicate and flip. Move into position by watching the white dots on the right side. Make them even, yet blurry looking.

Open element 70 (brown filigree frame) and add to canvas. Move frame to Center in your mask layer. Drop shadow: 7 – 4 – 25 – 13.00.

Open paper 9 and re-size by 85%. Grab your magic wand and, click inside your frame. Selections > Modify > by 5 > add paper > mover paper up so the dark shows in the lower left hand corner > Invert > Delete > Select none. Move below the frame.

Open element 18 (pail). We need to modify this a bit. Using a square eraser on 16, carefully erase the handle and even out the roundness of the top, until you have what I do.

Re-size pail by 70% and rotate clockwise 90. Add to your canvas above your frame layer, to the left. Drop shadow using the frame settings above.

Open element 43 (birdhouse) and re-size by 85%. Add this below your pail layer; position to your liking. Drop shadow using the following settings: 3 – 4 - 25 – 7.00.

Open element 58 (grass) and re-size by 80%. Add above your birdhouse layer. Drop shadow using the frame settings above.

Open element 19 (daisy) and re-size by 60%. Add this above your grass layer. Use your deform tool to turn it slightly to the left. Mirror, revert to your move tool, and then move it into position. Drop shadow with the frame settings. Sharpen ONCE.

Open element 29 (honeysuckle) and re-size by 55%. Using your deform tool, hand rotate this until it is lying flat with your frame. Move into position. Drop shadow with your grass settings above. Use your square eraser tool again and slowly even this branch up with the rim of your pail.

Open element 37 (leaves) and re-size by 60%. Do the same with this one as you did with the branch above. Move below the honeysuckle branch when done.

Open element 45 (boots), mirror and re-size by 90%. Add this above your pail layer and drop shadow with the frame settings.

Open element 30 (bird), re-size by 30% and add on your birdhouse layer, adding it to where the perch is. Drop shadow with frame settings.

Open element 49 (orange flower), re-size by 50%. Add above your pail layer and do the same as you did for the honeysuckle branch and leaves above. Drop shadow with the frame settings.

Open element 29 (bow) and rotate clockwise 90. Re-size by 40% and add above your orange flower layer. Drop shadow with the frame settings.

Open element 44 and re-size by 25%. Drop shadow with the frame settings and position these around the orange flower.

Open your standing (partial or body) tube and re-size by 80%. Add above your frame layer and position. Move this below the frame and label “tube 1”. Use your square eraser on 98 to erase any of the tube at the bottom of your design.

Duplicate tube 1 layer and keep moving up your layers until you are above the daisy layer. Rename this layer “tube 2”.

Now duplicate tube 2 layer again. Rename the top one “Tube 2 – glow” and the bottom one “Tube 2 – drop”. Drop shadow the bottom one with the grass settings above. Use the porcelain settings below on the glow layer and then change opacity to “soft light”.

 Crop your design now, if needed. Do NOT re-size just yet.

Before Animation!

Hide boots, bow, and two layers of flowers before copying merged your layers.

Add this to AS3 and do so until you have 5 images. Then Edit > Select All > Copy. Now you have copied your five frames in AS3. Add them 4x until you have 20 frames.

Open Pixie dust 2. It has 20 frames. While on the first frame: Edit > Select All > Copy.

Return to your design. While on the first frame: Edit > Select All > Paste > Into selected frame. Position the left hand side of the animation with the bottom rim of the pail. Click once to secure.

You can check for position by:  left click on first frame to get the menu and scan down to “view animation”.

While on your first frame: Edit > Select All > Copy. Return to PSP and left click on grey screen to get menu. Scan down to “Paste as a New Image” and select. It will now add it to your PSP in animated layers, called “frames”. Save this as “A New Day”.

Go back to your other design and hide all layers but the top four. Copy these merged and add to your new animated image.

Lets’ Animation!

Add your name and copyright now to your design. Re-size if needed.

Hide each layer in its’ turn and add to AS3. Once all 20 frames are there and in order, simply click on your first frame and Edit > Select All > shift +z to use your optimization settings.

Save as .GIF image and upload to Photobucket to enjoy!

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