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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Smother Me with Love

Supplies Used

Miss Tigri FTU Tube (HERE)
Template 59 by Pooker (HERE)
Scan down / link is on right hand side
Bell MT (my tag)
Amber Shaie” (WA)
Beautiful Baby Girl & Baby Boy by Krissy’s Scraps
Designs by Vaybs Mask 79 (HERE)

Let's Begin!

Open template and delete the credits, plus the pink rectangle layer and grey strip. Image > Canvas size > 967x894 > Save.

Open paper 7 (Boy) and apply mask. Duplicate, mirror and position before merging; duplicate flip and merge afterwards.

Layer Changes:
Black Recct & grey circle 1 Layers –paper 4 (boy)
Pink Circle 2 & Pink Squares 1 & 2 layers – paper 2 (girl)
Lt Pink Squares 1 & 2 circle – paper 3 (Girl)
Black Circle – paper 5 (Boy
Grey circle 2 & Pink Circle 1 – paper 2 (boy)

Merge two white strips and replace with the colour #91a3b5. Add a PSP noise of your choice.

Merge the two dark grey circles together and replace with the colour #e8c0bf. Add the same PSP noise as before.

Replace the white square with the colour #ecc8da. Add PSP Blinds to it.

Upsize your tube by 110%; add above all layers and then move below your strips layer. Duplicate, move to the top and drop shadow this one. Erase lower excess.

Open bow 4 (girl), rotate clockwise and resize by 50%.  Add above your white square layer and move to below the pink glitter circle. Duplicate, mirror and move into position.

Open balloon cluster (girl), resize by 70% and add under the right glitter circle layer.

Open the flowers of your choice (whether boy or girl) and add different sized flowers to the area below the tube. (Mine were resized from 30% to 70% & from both kits)

ADD the word art of your choice.

Drop Shadow the layers, crop or resize to your liking then add your name with copyright. Save as *PNG and upload to a photo sharing site and enjoy!

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