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Friday, June 20, 2014

Simple Beauty Kit and Layout

My friend, Priscilla, has come out with a beautiful kit full of purplish pink called “Simple Beauty". She is currently in a mentoring program over at SNP and she is getting TONS of ideas for kit creating, which I like seeing!

For her first week, she choose this palette (Linked to her blog):

Isn't it just sweet? I love these colours. They remind of me of being a girl, don't you agree? I think she thought so, too, because this is what she came up with:
Talk about girly colours, right! I LOVE this kit! And I couldn't think of three better people than myself to use for my layout with this kit. Using a template from Christaly, I came up with this layout:
Want to own this kit for yourself? You have to join SNP to grab this piece of heaven for yourself. Just click the image of her kit to join!

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