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Friday, July 25, 2014

Heartful of Heaven

 Supplies Used 

Blue Angel by Barbara Jensen (HERE)
Template by Dangerously Delicious Designz (HERE)
Miss Lankfort” (name)
Tears in Heaven by Krissy’s Scraps (HERE)

♥ Let's Begin! 
Papers first

Open your template; delete the credits, black hearts and the font information. Invert the colour of the word art and dotted circle then save.

Use paper 7 and replace the center strips layer.

Use paper 4 to replace the pink circle layer.

Merge the top and bottom pink rectangles then use paper 2 to replace the layer. Add a PDN Glow of 1 0 - 30 - 10.

Use paper 10 to replace the green layer. I didn’t resize but that choice is yours.

Merge the top and bottom white strip and replace with paper 2.

Merge the top and bottom green circles and replace with paper 6. Add your PDN glow again.

Open your tube and resize by 85%. Add above all layers and center.

Open your close up tube and add to the left and right of the white frame layer and merge. Move the CUs below the frame and trim the excess. Erase the center frame behind the larger tube layer.

Open paper flower 1, resize by 50% and add behind the angel’s head (where the space is).

Open branch 2, rotate counter-clockwise and add above your oval layer. Pull to the left so the flower shows at the side and bottom.

Duplicate, move above the tan circle layer and erase the left hand side.

Open branch 3, rotate clockwise and flip. Add this above your double rectangles layer and pull downward.

Open butterfly 4, mirror, resize by 45% and add to the upper left hand side. Duplicate, mirror and move to the lower right hand corner.

Open flower 2, resize by 30% and add below the lower right hand butterfly.

Open flower 3, resize by 35% and add below your upper butterfly layer.

Open patterned flower 1 and add above the lower left circle layer. Duplicate, flip and mirror to position at the top.

Open flower 4, resize by 50% and add to the lower left hand corner above your white frame layer.

Open branch 4 and add below the flower 2 layer. Rotate with the nubs and erase the right hand branch; duplicate, move above the tube layer and drop shadow.

Now erase the tube from under the branch and the excess branch above the flower.

Open flower 3 and resize by 40% to add above the branch. Open another flower, resize by 30% and add this, too.

Apply the following glass settings to the Blue Strip Layer.
Drop Shadow the layers, crop or resize to your liking then add your name with copyright. Upload to a photo sharing site and enjoy!

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