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Monday, July 21, 2014

Purple Winter Dreams

 Supplies Used 

Cautivity Eyes by Arthur Crowe (HERE)
Template by Dangerously Delicious designz (HERE)
Cheddar Jack” (WA)
Ways to say Goodbye” (Name)
Icey Grape by Krissy’s Scraps (HERE)
Gem’s Mask 41 (HERE)

♥ Let's Begin! 

Find the template “Snow One like You”. Delete the credits, blue circle border & white outline, the snowflake drop shadow, the WA and the white strips.

Merge down the three blue frame layers.

Open paper 1, apply your mask, resize to 750 and then apply to your design.

Use the following papers to replace the following layers:

Paper 2 – Blue Strip
Paper 11 – white strip
Paper 12 – Blue Oval

Open your tube and resize by 50%. Add this above your paper 12 layer and position. Duplicate and bring to the top to hide. Grab your magic wand, click on the oval layer, then highlight the tube layer to hit delete.

Duplicate your upper tube layer and place inside of the left frame square. One the frame paper: magic wand > click > highlight tube layer > hit delete. Do the same for the opposite side after mirroring your tube.

Add a PDN glow of 5 – 5 – 5 to your tube squares.

Open the dark ornament of choice and resize by 65%. Add above all layers then use the rotation below to turn and then position in the lower left hand corner.
Open the light ornament of your choice and resize by 70% then rotate clockwise. Add this above your first ornament.

Open your Santa ornament and resize by 60% then add this between your two ornaments.

Open the bow of your choice and resize by 70%. Add above your light ornament layer.

Grab the left-hand side snowflake and add to the left of your dark ornament. Duplicate and position near the light ornament.

Re-position your elements, if need be.

Drop Shadow the layers, crop or resize to your liking then add your name with copyright. Upload to a photo sharing site and enjoy!

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