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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Because It Matters

Supplies Used

Tube by Pinup Toons (HERE)
“Chart Moss” (Name)
“Because It Matters” by Mirella (HERE)
Mask by Becky P (HERE)
Halloween Template 2 by Annu (HERE)
Eye Candy Gradient Glow

Let's Begin!

Open the template and delete: (1) the credits; (2) the bat; (3) the cat; (4) the spider; (5) the word art and (6) raster 16, the mini text. Name and save as a *psd.

Image > Canvas Size > 820x660 > Flood-fill background white and save.

Open paper 10 and apply your mask. Add above your white background and pull to one side; resize by 85%. Duplicate, merge and then duplicate again and mirror.

Open paper 8, resize by 75% and replace raster layers 5 & 6.

Open paper 6, resize by 75% and replace raster layer 9.

Open paper 12, resize by 75% and replace raster layer 12.

Open paper 22, resize by 75% and replace raster layer 13.

Open paper 15, resize by 75% and replace raster layers 10 and “copy of 10”.

Open paper 2, resize by 75% and replace raster layer 3.

Open the close up tube of the chosen tube. Add in the left hand frame opening, resize to fully fit (for ours, it’s 95%) and position so breast are centered. Remove excess.

Duplicate and mirror your frame opening; position on the right hand side. Duplicate this layer and pull to the second frame opening then duplicate one more time and position. Merge all layers together. Now delete raster layer 7.

Open paper 1 but do not resize. Change out the frame.

Open element 65, resize by 95% and add above your mask layer. Duplicate, mirror, position and merge together.

Open element 85, add above your frame layer and position; drop shadow with a wide, light drop. Duplicate, mirror and merge together.

Add your body tube above the element 85 layer; position near the closing of the inner ribbon layer.

Open element 50, resize by 75% and add above the tube layer; center.

Duplicate the flower layer and resize again by 65%. Position under the main flower (to the left) and then duplicate and mirror. Merge together.

Open element 42 and add under the smaller flower on the left.

Open element 24 and add above element 65 layer. Pull upwards near the left hand top.

Duplicate element 24 and send to the top. Position on the right hand side and remove to under the smaller pink flower.

Duplicate the original element 24 again and mirror; position on the right hand side upper of your design.

Open element 29, resize by 65% and add above your umbrella layer.

Open element 33, resize by and add below your tube layer, left hand side.

Drop Shadow layers, crop or resize to your liking then add your name with copyright. Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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