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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"Blissful Winter" FTU Tagger's Kit

I have been on a whirlwind ride these past few months! Starting in August, my college courses kicked in and it's been tough! And, with my busy home life and a recent worry over my Mother's health with quad open heart bypass, I've been really over-stressed. So, I wondered what would actually make me feel better, now that the worse is over. Why, a freebie kit!

That's correct! Here in West Virginia, we are experiencing a very mild winter and it so makes me long for the winter's I became accustomed to when I first moved down here. Large, fluffy snowflakes with white trees and ice-slicked roads. LOL So, I created a kit of my longing!

The kit includes 95 elements, with 16 papers, slightly larger than a tagger's kit, but smaller than a full-sized kit.

But wait! -- Why not come back later and show me what you've made with my lovely kit? I would love to highlight your design on my blog!