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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Digi Express: "I Love ... "

I have joined The Digi Express blog train for the month of February and I am excited by both the colour palette and the topic.

Here is the colour palette we were given:
The topic given was "I Love ... " and that is where the fun came in. We could do our kits on anything we love, not just a romantic theme or even Valentine's day--just anything we love. And, if you know me or my blog, I love pink. LOL Henceforth, my kit "I Love Pink!".

Blog Train is now over.

Filled with all things pink, and with little touches of green, this kit can be used to create springtime romantic daydreams full puppies and butterflies, oh my! Kit is mid-sized and for personal use only.

Why not ride it out and visit these other, wonderful designers to grab more freebies of things to love? This train fully takes off on February 1!

1. Pink Tadpole's Tags N Tuts ---> You are here
7. Romajo

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Digi-Crea is having a sale!

I love my Digi-Crea store! And, right now, I love them even more! Checking in, as I try to do at the end of the month. I find that they are having a percentage off sale that is lasting until 30 January. I'm glad that I did check in (even if I didn't get any of the percentage off storewide sale) because ....

Studio Lalie Designs is having a 60% off sale trough the month of January as well. And, my oh my, she had a plethora of mini kits that I just had to make my own.

Like this lovely kit, called "Colourful Spring"
Or this lovely kit called "Remember This Day"
Not into all of her light and lovely kits? How about something dark and lovely? Like this kit, called "Intuition"
Or this dark and beautiful kit called "Feeling"
Hurry now, while supplies last at this price. Because .... honestly .... I feel a  few tutorials coming on and you won't want to miss the kit to go with the tutorial!

Pink Love

 Supplies Used 
Tube by Jose Cano, which can be purchased HERE
“Brotherhood” (name) Colour: A70A05
“Vintage valentine (pts 1 & 2)” by Digi-Crea (PAID & Free)
Mask 106 by Vaybs (HERE)
 Let's Begin! 

Create a canvas 900x900; Upsize your mask to 800x800. Open your paper of choice and apply your mask. Copy and add to your canvas, then center manually. Duplicate, merge then duplicate and merge again. Name and save as a *psd.

Open Collab_VVP1_el (8), resize by 50% and add above the mask layer; flip white background.  Layers > Rotate/Zoom with these settings:
Open Collab_VVP1_pap (2), mirror and then resize by 20%. Add below your frame layer and manually turn until the heart is centered under the frame. Erase excess.

Open the tube, resize by 65% and add above the frame layer. Duplicate and send one to the bottom of the frame; erase the small area on the right (her pants). Drop shadow the top tube layer only.

Open Collab_VVP2_el (7), flip, resize by 25% and add above the mask layer. Manually position at the top of the frame then duplicate and mirror/flip the layer to position at the bottom right.

Open Collab_VVP1_el (3), resize by 20% and add above the frame layer; position.

Open Collab_VVP1_el (4), mirror and then resize by 25%. Drop shadow, duplicate, mirror and flip then position.
Open Collab_VVP1_el (6), resize by 20% and then add above the flower layer.

Open Collab_VVP1_el (1), resize by 25%, add above the light pink flowers layer and position.

Open Collab_VVP2_el (2), resize by 15%, mirror and then add above all layers to position.

Re-Position to your liking; Drop Shadow layers, crop or resize to your liking then add your name with copyright. Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

Monday, January 12, 2015

DigHop Train: Cold Weather Layers

Since my college classes have been over, I've needed a huge break from all the stress. Not to mention the stress of worrying over my Mother's quad-bypass heart surgery and everyday life with a full family! That is why I have chosen to participate in a blog train and I couldn't pass up these colours!
It just reminds me of the cold weather we get here in West Virginia and so I thought, why not! I thought I'd start with a mostly white kit and then highlight it with the blues and browns from the palette (my light blue sprang from mixing two of the colours shown).

Blog Train is now over.

Not all of my elements are shown in the preview, as it would be pretty hard to display 60 elements all at once. LOL This kit is mid-sized, meaning that it is neither tagger's size nor scrapbooking size but in-between the two.

I hope you enjoy the kit and can create beautiful designs from it. Why not ride the rest of the train to grab more goodies from some wonderful designers!?! Just click the links below to find them all.