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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cute Spring

 Supplies Used 
Keith Garvey's "Christmas 2012"
Font Marguerite-- here
"Cute Spring" by Cakie Pot Pie Designs here
"Mask 18" by Gem -- here
Eye Candy 5: Impact: Bevel

 Lets' Begin! 
Open Paper 3 and Image > Resize > 25%. Apply your mask, add a new layer and flood fill white. Move this below your mask layer. name your tag and save as a *psd. (I save after every layer!)
Return to your mask layer, upsize by 105% and move to the center of your canvas and erase any leftover mask.
Duplicate your mask layer and merge the two together.
Open Frame1 and Image > Resize > 63%. Add above mask layer and center It. Duplicate this, mirror and drop with 1-3-0-6-60. Drop shadow the original frame layer normally and merge the two layers together.
Open your tube of choice and resize as needed. I resized mine by 80%. Add under your frame and to the right. Erase any tube that is hanging out from under frame.
Duplicate and move above your frame. Drop shadow this with 9-3-0-9-90.
Open Paper 1 and Image > Resize > 15%. Add as a new layer under your tube layer, place in position and erase all that hangs over.
Open Bunny and Image > Resize > 35%. Add above your frame layer and to the right. Flip white background. Drop with 6-3-0-6-60.
Open egg cluster, mirror and Resize by 25%. Add below your bunny layer. Use the same drop shadow on the egg cluster.
Open kite and Resize 20%. Add to the right of the frame and above egg cluster. Use the same drop shadow.
Open basket and Resize 65% and add above your frame layer and use the same drop shadow settings.
Crop your design as close as you can to your mask.
Add your name, copyright and upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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