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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Afternoon Tea

Supplies Used

Misticheskaya's "Lada," here
A&S Snapper Script, here
"Afternoon Tea with Becki" by me, here
"Mask 1" by Pink Tadpole, here
Eye Candy400 Gradient Glow

Let's Begin!

Open a new canvas 900x900.

Open ATWB_pp7 and apply mask. Apply to your new canvas and resize the layer by 85%. Duplicate mask and merge two layers together.

Open ATWB_ele23 and add to your canvas above your mask. Resize by 60% and free rotate 10 degrees to the right. Move to the right hand side of your mask. Sharpen frame once.

Grab your magic wand and click once inside of frame. Paste your ATWB_pp3 inside of frame and invert > delete > select none. Move paper to under your frame.

Using my tube of choice, I mirrored it so she sat on the left side, added it to my canvas and resized the layer by 85%.

Mirror your tube again and re-size by 125%. Grab your magic wand and click once inside of frame. Paste this new tube inside, move into position (see my tag) and invert > delete > select none.

Duplicate this tube. On the copy, change setting to soft light. Lower the opacity of the second tube to 70%. Then, add Xero radiance to this tube with these settings:
Strangeness: 128
Charm: 50
Truth: 128
Beauty: 255
Open ATWB_ele30 and add between first tube layer and frame. Re-size by 75%, mirror, flip and move to bottom of frame.
Open ATWB_ele26, add above your tube layer, re-size by 35% and move toward knee.
Open ATWB_ele3 and re-size by 25%. Add as a new layer behind bunny.
Open ATWB_ele20 and add to canvas below tube but above element 26. Re-size by 75%, drop shadow to your liking, and erase all that is showing from under tube's legs.
Open ATWB_ele18 and add behind pink flowers. Re-size by 35% and move into position.
Open ATWB_ele11, re-size by 80%, add to your canvas under the above element, rotate 45 degrees and place near left hand side of tube (as shown).
Open ATWB_ele10, re-size by 35% and add above flower layer. Move to the right side of frame until visible.
Open ATWB_ele15, rotate by 90 degrees, re-size by 45% and move into position (see my tag for placement).
Open ATWB_ele9 and add above frame layer. Re-size by 80% and place in the middle of frame.
Open ATWB_ele21 and re-size by 25%. Add as a new layer over your ribbon and to the right of the frame.
Drop shadow and crop to your liking. Add your name, copyright information and you're done!


  1. Hi, I would like to buy this tube for one of my friends, but the link is not good, can I have the good link, please?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I hadn't known the link went bad because the tutorial is old. I have updated, both the name of the tube and the link.