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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Strawberry Wild

Supplies Used

"Sexy Girl 3" (here

“Got That Bling NF”, here
"Strawberry Wild" by Cakie Pot Pie Designs, HERE
“Mask 1” by BellaLuna, here

Let's Begin!

Create a new canvas for 800x800.

Open CPP_SW_Paper4 and re-size by 23%. Add your mask to the paper and add to your above canvas. Re-size your mask layer by 90%. Name "Strawberry Wild" and save as a *psd.

Duplicate mask. On bottom mask, add a Gaussian blur by 9.00. Merge both layers. Save.

Add your close up tube above the frame, re-size up by 125%. (If you are using a different tube, test your waters.) Sharpen if you need to. Move into place. Save.

Open CPP_SW_Stitching, re-size by 41%.  Add to your canvas below your tube. Duplicate and move second stitching above your tube. Save.

Using your eraser, eliminate the tube that hangs from under and around the stitching. Save. (I used size 59 just fine.)

Duplicate tube, move second tube above stitching, drop shadow with the settings below and then erase extra hang over.
Open CPP_SW_StrawberryShake and re-size by 45%. Add to left side of tag and drop shadow as below. Save.
Open CPP_SW_Flower2, re-size by 13% and then mirror. Move into position as shown on my tag. Use the same drop shadow as shake. Save.

Open CPP_SW_Ribbon2 and re-size by 20%. Add this above your tube, free rotate 5.00 to the right, sharpen, and then move into place and drop shadow as shown below. Save.

Open CPP_SW_RicRac and follow the same steps as stated above for the ribbon. Do NOT rotate, however. Leave the rickrack straight. Save.

Open CPP_SW_Foliage, re-size as above and drop shadow. Duplicate and rotate by 45 degrees to the left. Position near flower to your liking and save.

Crop to your liking, re-size and add your name and copyright. Enjoy!

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