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Monday, November 25, 2013


Supplies Used
Dominic Marco (here)
Please use a similar tube if you don’t have this one.
Font: WaterBrush Rob (here)
"Childbright" (FTU) by Sas Designs (here)
Gem's Mask 43 (here)
Lokas 3D Shadow
Eye Candy 400 - Gradient Glow

Let's Begin!
Create a new canvas of 800x800. We’ll crop later but I like room to move with scrapbooking kits.

Open frame 1 and add to canvas. Re-size by 25% and move to the middle of the canvas. Rotate 90 degrees to the right.

Open your half-body tube of choice. IN my case, I had to re-size it up by 124% to get it to fit but you must work with your tube in whatever manner needed.

using your magic wand, click inside your frame, then selections > modify > by 9 and add your tube inside of the frame. To end, do selections > select none. Move tube to under your frame.

Open paper 1 and re-size by 18%. Do the same as instructed above for the tube and move below both frame and tube layers.

Open ribbon 1, rotate clockwise and add to canvas. Re-size by 25%, free rotate by 10 degrees to the left and move to the left hand side of the frame. Position it so that the larger swirls at the top look as if they would loop in and out of the frame.

Duplicate ribbon and move below frame.

On the top ribbon, add the Lokas 3D Shadow listed below:

Using your eraser, carefully erase the parts of the top ribbon you’d like to have deleted.

Open stamp 2 and rotate it Counterclockwise 90 degrees. Add to background UNDER paper layer and re-size by 33%. Move into position and erase from middle left to bottom right In an inclined sweeping motion. In this way, you remove the light from the back and front.

Duplicate stamp and flip then mirror. Merge layers then re-size by 97%.

Open flower 2 and add to canvas above all layers. Re-size by 33% and add a drop shadow to what pleases you.

Open border 1, rotate clockwise 90 degrees and add to canvas above frame layer. Make sure that at least one circle hangs over the frame. Duplicate and move above ribbon.

After adding a tight, light drop shadow to the upper border, use your eraser to remove the border where you don’t want it.

Open leaf 1 and rotate counterclockwise 90 degrees and then mirror. Add to canvas and re-size by 11%, add your drop shadow and Position to your liking under your flower layer.

Duplicate leaf and move up to under your flower. Position to your liking and merge both leaf layers.

Open paper 4 and re-size by 25%. Add your mask above your background. Re-size by 83%, duplicate, flip, move into position and merge both layers together.

Add your name and then add a bevel, gradient glow and drop shadow of your liking. Copyright your tag and enjoy!

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