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Monday, December 9, 2013

Capturing Spring Memories

Supplies Used

Tube from Barbara Kermis, here

Shalimar Swash by Rob Leuschke, here
"Capturing the Memories" by Maelia Designs, here

Mask 24 by Mythical Designs, here
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow
Lokas 3D Shadow

Let's Begin!

Open a new canvas of 800x800, open paper 3, re-size by 33%, apply your mask and add to your canvas.

Open element 24, re-size by 20% and add above your mask layer.

Open paper final PINK paper (it has no number) and re-size by 15%. Grab your magic wand and click inside frame. Selections > Modify by 8 > add paper > Select none. Move beneath the frame layer.

Open your tube and re-size up or down if needed. I had to up-size mine by 125% to fit. Center it as you like above the frame.

Open element 1 (word art), re-size by 23%, add above your tube and use your gradient glow to add some white. Use the settings below:

Sharpen word art once and add the following PSP drop shadow settings:

Open element 21 and re-size by 30%. Add above your frame layer and move to one side, “stapling” the frame to the mask layer. Duplicate layer and mirror to other side of frame. Merge both layers down.

Open bird element (no number), re-size by 15%, add above the word art, and place on the line of dots then drop shadow.

Open element 8, re-size by 25%, add to your canvas above the frame (move slightly below staples), drop shadow, duplicate, mirror and merge both layers together.

I added my own word art and then my name. I then duplicated my name, moved the second name layer to under the tube, leaving the top name layer just where it is.

On the uppermost layer, I added a taste of Xero Porcelain to it. I did not give you these settings because you should play around with it and give it a whirl. (It’s a wonderful tool!) I then used PSP bevel to give it a slight bevel with the colour #af727a.

ON the bottom layer, I added my gradient glow and drop shadow.

Erase the swash of the bottom part of the B with a size 6 eraser. Take your time and stay on the purple line.

Re-size to your liking, add your copyright and enjoy!