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Friday, August 1, 2014

Autumn Thoughts

 Supplies Used 

 “Dallas babe” by Elias Chatzoudis, HERE.
“Waterbrush”  here
“Autumn Thoughts” by Megan Turnidge,  here.
Mask by Wildcat Digital,  HERE.

 Let's Begin! 

Open paper 3, resize to 750x750 and apply your mask. Add a layer above, flood-fill white and move to the bottom. Effects > Object > Object Align > Center Both. Duplicate and merge.

Save as a *psd under your chosen filename.

Open twine frame and resize by 30%. Add this above your mask layer. I erased the outside twine layers, as they didn’t serve my needs.

Open paper 1, resize by 15% and add above your frame. Magic wand > Click inside frame > edit > invert selection > highlight paper > hit delete.

I had to do the above action several times to complete my look. Position in the center and keep duplicating until the look is complete. Then, merge all of the layers.

Open your tube and add above all layers. Center, duplicate and move one layer below your frame layer. Drop shadow your upper layer and then erase the bottom.

Open leaf pile 1 (no shadow) and resize by 60%. Add this above all layer and cover the flower of the twine frame.

Open berries 1, resize by 15% and add this below your leaf pile layer. Use the rotation settings below and then erase the bottom.
Duplicate the berries layer and move it closer to the other branch. Erase the opposite branches, merge together and move into position. Duplicate, flip and then merge.

Open cinnamon sticks and resize by 30%. Add above all layers and position.

Going back to your mask layer, duplicate and flip both vertical & horizontal. Merge the two layers together. Use your move tool to pinch it closer to your frame (if you so desire).

Open a tag of your choice and by 30%. Add below your leaf pile layer and use the rotation below.
Crop your image as close to your mask as you can and then drop shadow all of your layers.

Add your name, and resize to your liking. Upload to a photo sharing site and enjoy!

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