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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Party Time

 Supplies Used 

Tube by Ismael Rac, HERE
 “Southern Aire” (name) Colour: A41D50
“Confetti by Amber Shaw (HERE)
Mask 90 (set 8) by Brutal Designs (HERE)
Eye candy 5 Impact: Bevel

 Let's Begin! 

Open your mask and resize to 800x800. Save.

Open paper 5, resize to 950x950 and apply the mask. Duplicate your mask layer and merge. Repeat once more and merge. Erase the excess and position in the center.

Open the frame, resize by 40% and add below the label layer.

Open paper 2, resize by 30%, add below the frame layer and erase the excess.

Open the label, resize by 30% and add to the canvas above the frame layer to position.

Open flower2, resize by 35% and add above the frame layer to positon; duplicate, mirror and position below the frame layer.

**Undo your resize and resize again by 30%. Add to the canvas and pull downward toward frame opening; duplicate, mirror and position above the label layer.

***Undo the same resize and Resize again by 20% and add between the two bigger flowers (on the left). Duplicate and position above the label layer (on the right).

Open flower1, resize by 25% and add above the flower 2 layer to position (on the left).

**Undo the resize and resize again by 20%. Add this above the lower pink flower2 on the right.

***Undo the resize and resize again by 35%. Add this above the frame layer and move upwards until the left hand side is hidden beneath the lower left flower2 layer.

Open the leaf, resize by 25% and manually turn to position. Tuck into any position you like.

Play with your mask layer by duplicating and rotating to your liking. Drop the opacity to 150.
Open the confetti, resize by 30% and add above the mask layer. Duplicate then flip white background.

Erase the top half of the bottom and position/pull toward the bottom of your design. Pull the upper layer upwards and erase the bottom.

Open the bow and resize by 30%. Add above all layers and center it in the flower. Undo the resize and resize smaller (and larger) to place around your design.

Re-Position any layer to your liking; Drop Shadow layers, crop/resize then add your name with copyright. Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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