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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Celebrate Patriotism


"Hot Top" by Elias Chatzoudis
(no longer available--store)
"4th Celebration CU" by Crystal's Creations (HERE)
Mura Meister's Copies
Round mask of choice
Animation Shop 3

Lets' Begin!

Create a new canvas 1500x1500; open the flower, re-size by 15% and add to the canvas.

Use Mura Meister's Copies on the flower with the settings below.
Undo the re-size on the flower and re-size again by 20%. Use the same copies settings as above.

Move the second flower layer under the first and free rotate by 35 to the left.

Open the tube, upsize by 165% and then by 135%; center tube.

Chose a colour from either the flower element or the tube of your choice.  add a layer, flood-fill with colour and apply mask of choice; merge group.

Duplicate the larger flower frame then add a wide/light drop shadow one layer. Mirror and then merge the layers.

Duplicate the small flower frame and do a dark, wide drop shadow. Mirror and then merge the layers.

Move the tube below both flower layers, duplicate and then bring the second tube to the tube. Make it look as it does in the example.

Open the dog tags, re-size by 33%, mirror, and then add to the design.

Open the candle, re-size by 27% and add below the second tube layer. Duplicate, move to the top, DS and the erase the excess; do NOT show the top bead layer on the dog tags. (they go behind the candle)

Open the star trail and add above all layers; do not re-size. Erase the larger star and send to the bottom. Duplicate, mirror, flip and merge together.

Add another star trail after flipping, to the design. Erase the lower left hand part, send to the bottom. Duplicate, mirror, flip and merge ALL star trail layers together.

Crop close to the star trails around the design.

Duplicate the second, upper candle and erase all but part of the top wick. Then, duplicate it two more times.

Open Eye Candy 5: Nature Fire and: (1) pick natural flame colours under the tab "Colours"; (2) under "settings", pick "medium candle" and (3) then use the settings on the second tab:
On each flame, hit "random seed".

Duplicate the star trail, DS the original layer, and then add a PSP noise of 35-45-55.

Re-size the design; add name and copyright.

Open AS3. Hide all the flame and glitter star trails, save the first layer (low noise layer).

Follow the two other layers behind the first, apply the optimization settings, upload to a photo sharing site and enjoy!

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