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Monday, June 22, 2015

New Shoes

Supplies Used

Tube by Keith Garvey (HERE)
“Sweet Thang” by Dee Mastrangelo (HERE)
Template by Dee Mastrangelo (HERE)
“Janda Celebration Script” (Name)
Eye Candy Bevel
ICNET Filters Unlimited: Linear Waves
ICNET Filters Unlimited: Aged Film

Let's Begin!

Open template; Image > Canvas Size > 850 widths. Flood-fill the bottom layer with white then Name and save.

Merge down the small black words layers (including DS). Duplicate, erase one each of each layer and pull closer together (Merge).

Merge down all of the layers of the shoe and delete.

Use these two colours (B54154 & E38C8A) then use linear waves on the Cinderella gradient.

Use these same colours and setting to change out the large pink circle and bottom green rectangle.

Open the close-up tube of choice, mirror, upsize by 125%, add above the orange circle and remove excess.

Undo all of the changes to the close-up tube and replace each purple rectangle layer.

Add aged film look to all tube layers.

Open the full body tube, upsize by 105%, mirror and then add between the two close ups on the left-hand side.

Without resizing, change out each of these template layers: Top, Purple slanted rectangle and bottom crème circle with paper 1.

Resize paper 5 by 50 and change out the pink and orange rectangles.

Open flower 3, resize by 75% and add below the top crème circle.

Open the crown, resize by 55%, rotate and then add above the dotted pink circle (right) and then merge the two circle layers down to delete.

Open the bow, resize by 50% and add above the crown layer.

Open the bottle, resize by 55% and add above the crown layer.

Open flower 2, resize by 55% and add to the canvas in various places. Do the same with leaf 6 and leaf 4 (after a 50% resize).

Open flower 1, resize by 65% and place near the flower 2 layers.

Open leaf 5, resize by 55% and add in various sections.

Open flower 4, resize by 40% and add in various areas.

Add a few butterflies of various sizes.

Drop shadow all layers. Crop, add chosen name and copyright then resize. upload to the photo sharing site to enjoy.

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