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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Just in Time

♥ Supplies Used

Tube by Keith Garvey (HERE)
 “surlefil” by lalie designs (HERE)
“Qaskin” (Name)
Mask of choice
Eye Candy Bevel

Let's Begin!

Create a canvas 1400 x 1400.

Open element 11, re-size by 55% and add; center align.

Add paper 8 to frame opening after a 25% re-size.

Open element 19, re-size by 30% and add above the frame layer.

Open element 5, re-size by 25%, remove DS and then add above the frame layer.

Open element 28, re-size by 45% and add above the cluster.

Open element 23, mirror, re-size by 40% and add above all layers.

Open element 13, mirror, Re-size by 45% and add below the teapot.

Open element 32, Re-size by 45% and add above the teapot.

Open element 3, re-size by 50% and add above the chest.

Open element 2, Re-size by 75% and rotate until laying on the chest, under the scissors.

Open element 6, re-size by 35% and add above the flower cluster.

Add any special touches now. Crop/resize and then add your name and copyright. Upload to enjoy.

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