How To Add PDN Layers HERE. I do it the first way every time. PDN/PSP Plugins that I use a lot are located HERE. Explanation of my labels are HERE.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Winter Love Song

Today is my birthday and I received a few presents from a few stores that I purchase from, and from which I use their forums. Here is one of them.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Puddle Jumper

 Supplies Used 

“Cool Rain” tube by Ismael Rac (HERE)
“Atelas” Black (name)
“April Showers” by MIU Creation (HERE)
Water Stock by Moonglowlily (HERE)
Mask 84 by Wee Scot Lass (HERE)
Jasc Animation Shop 3
Vanderlee Snowflakes (HERE)
Eye Candy 4 Impact: Bevel

 Let's Begin! 

Open paper 7, resize to 900x900 and apply mask. Add a new layer, flood-fill white, remove to under mask and then manually center the mask layer. Name and save as a *psd.

Open the frame of your choice, resize by 23% (or 28% for the circle frames) and add to the canvas; center.

Open your choice of paper, depending on what kind of frame you used; resize by 25% and add to your design.

Open the umbrella, resize by 10% and add above the frame layer; position with rotation setting below once centered on the RIGHT side of the frame.
For the circle frame:

Open flowers one and two. Resize the orange one by 13% and the blue one by 10%; position on the left hand side to your liking. Undo resize and resize again by 10% and 13% (flipping the resize).

For the second resize, flip and mirror and until you achieve your desired look. Move blue flower to above frame and orange flower above the blue one.

For the square frame:

Undo resize above. Resize the orange by 15% and the blue by 13%. Undo the resize and do again: blue by 12% and the orange by 11%. Apply to the canvas as above.

Open the star of your choice, resize by 20% and apply above the frame layer; position.

Open a second star of your choice, resize by 20%, apply rotation settings again and add above umbrella layer. (If using mine, flip first; position is different on both designs)

Open cloud 3, resize by 10% and position between the first large flower layers. Re-position to get the desired effect.

Open the tube, upsize by 125%, resize again by 95%, sharpen x2 and add over all layers.

Open the water splash, resize by 40%, add a new layer, flood-fill black and send to the bottom. I am doing this so it is more easily seen. Crop as close as you can to the water then delete background and save again.

Resize the water image by 40% (45% for square) and add below your tube layer to position. Flip before drop shadow.

Undo resize then resize again by 35% (40% for square) and mirror; add over the tube layer then flip before drop shadow.

Open the rain cloud of your choice, resize by 10% and add below your frame layer. Duplicate and mirror to merge and finish off the rain clouds.

Duplicate the mask layer before cropping; this is the final step. Delete second mask layer when complete.

Drop shadow all of your layers to your liking. Add your name and copyright now.


Add three new layers (rain 1, 2 & 3): Effects > Vanderlee snowflakes with the setting below on the first layer; for other two layers, increase the “random seed” option by 11 each time.
Now, to make this only beneath the frame:


Grab your magic wand and, while on each layer, cut out a huge section that would be hidden by the frame itself. Then: Edit > Invert Selection > hit delete and the excess is gone.

The circle needs to be erased outside of the frame. Take your time doing this, so you don’t delete anything inside the frame then follow the directions above for the layers. (Turn your white background black until you have finished for better viewing.)

Go back through all of your rain layers and add the PDN Motion Blur settings below. 
Return to circle design to eliminate all “rain” you may have missed outside of the frame. If you used a light paper as I did, duplicate each rain layer, merge, duplicate again and merge again to darken.

Now, save your design! In the future, they’ll be no need to restart your layers for animation!

Highlight the first rain layer and hide the others. Go to the top layer and; Edit > Select All > Copy Merged > add to AS3 as a new image. Go back to PDN and Edit > Deselect.

Do the same above for the remaining two layers, hiding the previous as you go along. Once transfer is completed, apply your optimization settings and save.

Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunny Spring Day

 Supplies Used 

Tube by Elias Chatzoudis (HERE)
 “La Chatte a Maman” #59861D (name)
Lovely Day by Mago74 (HERE)
Mask set 8, Mask 73 by Brutal Designs (HERE)
ICNET Filters Unlimited (HERE)
Eye Candy 5 Impact: Bevel

 Let's Begin! 

Create a canvas 900x900. Name and save as a *psd. Open your mask and upsize to 800x800.

Create another 800x800, flood-fill bright yellow and apply mask. Add to the canvas, center, duplicate twice and merge all layers.

Open the frame (element 111), resize by 30% and add to the canvas; center.

Pick a colour from your tube of choice. Grab your magic wand, click inside the frame, add a new layer, flood-fill and then Edit >Deselect.

Effects > 8Bf Filter > ICNET Filter> Run > paper Textures > Cotton paper Coarse > apply > OK.

Open the flower (element 35), resize by 30% and add above your frame layer.

Open the leaves (element 12) and resize by 35% and add below your flower layer; mirror and position.

Duplicate the element 33, resize by 15% and turn to your liking. Duplicate and mirror then position by also turning to your liking.

Open element 58, resize by 50% and add above your mask layer; duplicate, mirror , flip and merge.

Open the red heart (element 13), mirror, resize by 15% and position under the flower layer; re-position everything to your liking.

Open leaves (element 5), mirror, resize by 25% and add above your flower layer.

Open the daisy (element 3), resize by 25% and add above the last leaves layer.

Open the orange (element 102), resize by 30% and apply in three different locations around all of the above layers.

Crop your design close to the mask layer, avoiding clipping too close. Resize the overall design by by 80%.

Add the tube now. Duplicate, move one below the frame and keep one above all layers. Drop the top tube and carefully erase the excess, leaving the hand intact.  Erase the excess at the bottom of the lower tube. (Do not drop shadow the lower tube layer)

Add any little touches you like (such as my butterfly) now.

Drop Shadow layers, crop/resize to your liking then add your name with copyright. Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.