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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bound To My Heart

Supplies Used

Tube by VeryMany (HERE)
Dee's Part of her Store Collab
 “Heart's Desire” (HERE)
Mask by Moonbeams (HERE)
“Nouradilla” (Name)
Eye Candy Bevel

Let's Begin!

Create a canvas 1200 x 1200. Add frame 5 and center align. Add paper 3 to background after positioning to your liking.

Add small flower bunch (8) under paper 3, duplicate, mirror, flip and position at the bottom right hand side.

Open roses bunch (25), re-size by 85% and add to the bottom of the frame. Add white flower (17) on the right side, above roses.

Open brown leaves (19) and add under the white flower (17-right hand side). Layer rotate by 6.00.

Add gnome (9) to the right side.

Open present (28), re-size by 60% and add above the brown leaves layer. Add word art 2 below this layer slightly.

Open white flower (16), re-size by 85% and add above the brown leaves.

Open pink rose (35), re-size by 65% and add above the white flower (16) layer.

Open brown leaves, re-size by 70%, add below rose bunch, layer rotate by 45.00, mirror and then position. Duplicate white flower (16) and send below the rose bunch; position.

Open paper flower (1), re-size by 75%, mirror and add above the frame 3_c but below the element 43 layer.

Open paper 2, up-size to 900 and apply the mask. Add below all layers and gently pull at the right lower and left upper corners to cover.

Add spray 3 above the mask layer, making sure two hearts fall on the white background. Duplicate, flip and mirror then merge the two layers together. Erase the four (4) hearts that fall on the white background.

Crop your design as close as you can to the mask layer and DS all layers.

Add your name, re-size and then add your copyright. Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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