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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Under the Sea

♥ Supplies Used ♥

Jane by Katherine (HERE)
 “Under the Sea” by PolkaDot Scraps (HERE)
Mask by Rachel: Set 38-3
“Hello Script” (Name)
Eye Candy Bevel

♥ Let's Begin! ♥

Create a canvas 900 x 900. Open paper 11 and apply mask. I upsized my mask and sharpened by 2.

Open frame 4, re-size by 90% and add to canvas; center align.

Add element 29 below the frame layer. Erase the bottom, then duplicate, mirror and flip to position.

Open the tube, create the layer, merge together, mirror and then re-size by 40%. Add to the canvas.

Open element 30, re-size by 80% and add below the mermaid (center align). Use the settings below to create pebbles then position under the mermaid.

Duplicate the “pebble” layer and use a Gaussian blur on the lower layer of 15. DS the upper layer and then merge.
Add element 6 under the mermaid’s tail.

Open element 1, re-size by 50% and add above the mermaid’s tail.

Add element 13 twice – once on the left lower and once on the right upper – under the mermaid.

Add element 25 above the frame layer.

Open element 22, re-size by 65% and add below the element 6 layer.

Open element 21, re-size by 65% and add below the mermaid. Do the same with element 20.

Open element 2, re-size by 40% and add above the shell layer.

Add element 9 under the frame layer. Do not re-size.

Open element 3, re-size by 30% and add above the frame paper. Duplicate to the preferred look.

Open element 7, re-size by 45% and add above the waves.

Open element 10, re-size by 85% and add above the gem layer. Use element 18 as an embellishment in your size choice.

Add any special touches now. Crop/re-size and then add your name and copyright. Upload to enjoy.

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