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Monday, May 9, 2016

You are my Giggle

Supplies Used

Toon 3 by Jose Cano (HERE)
“Shorelines” (NAME)
Love Lights” by Nibble Skribbles
WordArt by Flower Scraps (HERE)
Eye Candy 5 Bevel

Let's Begin!

Create a canvas 3600 x 3600. Add the frame and center align. Use paper 2 for frame opening.

Add painted journals strips and send below the frame. Pull to the left to position.

Add the greenery to the canvas and send below the frame layer. Erase excessive stem. Add another, rotate -90.00 and position at the bottom. Remove excess from frame center.

Go back to journal strips, duplicate and mirror. Pull inward slightly so that it’s closer to the leaves tip. Merge layers together.

Add flower 1 at the top above the leaves layer (top), above the leaves layer (bottom right) and one above the frame layer (bottom).

Open flower 3, re-size by 40% and add below the flower 1 (lower) layer. Duplicate and position another one in the lower part of the frame (bottom) as well.

Go back to flower 3 and re-size again by 50%. Add this one above the flower 1 (upper) layer.

Add lantern of your choice below the upper flowers layer (bottom of frame).

Open ribbon 1, re-size by 65% and add above the frame layer.

Open rickrack 1, re-size by 70% and add over ribbon 1 layer.

Crop the image close to the leaves as possible. DS all layers with a wide, light drop shadow and then re-size to a smaller size (your liking).

After I cropped and re-sized, I then added the flower 2 above the painted journal strips and the banner above the ribbon 1 layer. Add your own creativity.

Open the WA used and add above all layers. I used 862735 to change out the colour by adding a new layer and removing the excess.

(NOTE: the process is like changing out layers in a template, but make sure you get the inside of the letters as well)

Use the original WA to outline (4/5) and DS. Add a bevel or glass to the upper layer. Merge both layers together.

Add the chosen name with tube copyright, then upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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