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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer in the Country

Supplies Used

Click by Jose Cano (HERE)
“Sunday Morning” (NAME)
“A Country Summer” by Melissaz Creationz (HERE)
Template 826 by Millie (HERE)
Mask 236 by WeeScotsLass (HERE)
Spotlight Animation (HERE)
Eye Candy 4000 Bevel
Penta Colour Dot/Dot and Cross/Jeans

Let's Begin!

Open template and delete credits, with layer 4; image > canvas size > 900 width > ok. Flood-fill the white background again and save.

Use MC_OS_ACountrySummer_P15 with mask, resize to 750 and add behind all layers; manually center.

Add MC_OS_ACountrySummer_P12 to layer 1.

Add a layer above layer 3, flood-fill F7CDD2 and add colour dot.

Add a layer above layer 8, flood-fill E07986 and add dot and cross.

Add a layer above layer 2, flood-fill 66A83E and add penta jeans.

Add MC_OS_ACountrySummer_P11 to layer 7.

Add MC_OS_ACountrySummer_E08 above all layers and erase the outer flowers.

Add MC_OS_ACountrySummer_E23 over the flowers layer and to the left.

Add MC_OS_ACountrySummer_E26 to the right of element 23.

Add MC_OS_ACountrySummer_E18 below element 26.

Add MC_OS_ACountrySummer_E12 below element 26, mirror and then position.

Add MC_OS_ACountrySummer_E02 below element 23, duplicate, move above element 23, DS and then erase excess on the upper birdhouse.

Open MC_OS_ACountrySummer_E31, resize to 675 widths and add above all template layers. Duplicate, mirror and position then merge layers; use an eraser on 5% to blend into mask.

Add MC_OS_ACountrySummer_E32 above the grass layer.

Add MC_OS_ACountrySummer_E21 in two places; one on either side.

Add MC_OS_ACountrySummer_E01.

Add your own personal touches now and add drop shadows. Crop/resize to your liking then add your name with copyright.

Open AS3 and add two copies of your design.

Open the animation. Animation > Resize > 200 > Ok > Edit > Select all > Copy > go to design > edit > select all > paste > into frame > position.

Edit > Select all > right click on design > frame properties > 90 > ok.

Select all > hold shift > hit z key > next > next > next > next > finish. Name your design, save and then upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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