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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Winter Arrives

Supplies Used

“Hello Winter” Collab by Digi-Crea (HERE)
Mask by Monti (HERE)
“Burgues Script” (NAME)
Falling Snow (HERE)
Eye Candy: Snow Drift
Animation Shop 3

Let's Begin!

Open the mask and upsize to 900 widths. Sharpen by 2 and save.

Open paper 7, resize by 25%, apply the mask and then resize to 800 widths.

Create a new canvas 900 x 900 and add the mask; center. Resize one last time back to 800 widths and save.

Open Collab_hellowinter_part1 (7), resize by 30%, add to the canvas and center.

Open Collab_hellowinter_part1 (14), resize by 25% and add to the center of the frame.

Open Collab_hellowinter_part1 (10), resize by 19% and add to the right-hand side of the design.

Open Collab_hellowinter_part2 (34), resize by 38% and add above the frame. Position and erase the stem from below the sled.

Open Collab_hellowinter_part2 (32), resize by 20% and add to the left-hand side of the frame. Duplicate, mirror and place on the opposite side.

Open Collab_hellowinter_part3 (7), resize by 25% and put on the sled.

Open Collab_hellowinter_part2 (18), resize by 40% and then crop out the cluster of three stars; add these to the left-hand side of the frame.

Open Collab_hellowinter_part2 (11), resize by 20% and add above the pine cluster.

Open Collab_hellowinter_part2 (28), resize by 10% and add below the last flower.

Open Collab_hellowinter_part2 (31), resize by 20% and then add above the pine cluster, left-hand side.

Open Collab_hellowinter_part2 (39), resize by 20% and add behind the blue flower layer.

Add a new layer and make a snow drift to your choosing. Move this to under the flower layers and blend the flowers into the snow.


Drop shadow everything to your liking or add your own personal touches now.

Crop/resize to a useable dimension according to your needs. Mine is 604 x 553.

In AS3, open the animation; do not resize.

Hide all layers above the frame layer and copy/merge into AS3 for 10 frames.

Edit > select all > copy animation > edit > select all frames in design > paste > into selection > position > ok.

Add EACH frame back into PDN as a new image (then layers in the new image) and save.

After you save the design in animation form, go back to the static design, hide all lower layers and merge all upper layers. Copy this on your animated design and save again.

Add your name with copyright. Add your new animated design into AS3, watching the order. Apply optimization setting and save. Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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