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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Peculiar Nights

♥ Supplies Used ♥

Steampunk Yorkie by Laguna (HERE)
Steampunk Night by Thia (HERE)
“Dandelion Soup” (HERE)
Mask 3 by Rachel (HERE)
Eye Candy Chrome

♥ Let's Begin! ♥

Open paper 7, apply the mask, apply a regular glow and then mirror the mask layer; center align.

Add a layer, flood-fill white and send to the bottom; save under desired filename.

Add element 5 (frame) to the canvas and then add paper 9 to the frame opening.

Add element 82 (moon) below element 5 (frame), and then flip to the position under frame paper.

Open element 83 (clouds), resize by 50% and add above element 82 (moon). Add a Gaussian blur of 9 to the layer. Duplicate, flip and then position near the head of yorkie. Merge layers and drop the opacity to 220.

Open the tube, resize by 38% and add above element 5 (frame).

Add element 43 (dark grass) to below the tube. Form grass layer by duplication and manipulation.

Add element 54 (willow branches) under the grass after mirroring.

Add element 52 (dark leaves) behind element 54 (willow branches).

Add element 50 (vine) behind element 43 (dark grass).

Open element 33 (brown rose), resize by 60% and add below the tube’s foot.

Open element 14 (lightbulb spider), resize by 30% and add above the element 33 layer (brown rose).

Open element 57 (brown flower), resize by 40% and add behind element 50 (vine).

Open element 31 (blue flower), resize by 30% and add above element 43 (dark grass) layer. Duplicate and add above the frame layer.

Add any special touches and drop shadows now. Crop/resize and then add your name and copyright then upload to enjoy.


  1. Outstanding!! Can't wait to try this! ♥Thia

    1. Thank you! I'm not a big Steampunk fan when designing tags so I'm glad you like it.