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Friday, February 10, 2012

HOW TO: Use Photoshop Brushes

For this tutorial, you will need the Custom Brushes Mini, which you will find here. There is also a link right below this one where you can find and download brushes, if you don't have any.

NOTE: In this pack, it has other plugins. If you have these plugins, you do not need them. Simply move the BOTH Custom Brushes Mini plugins to your Effects folder.

Open your program and find the picture you wish to use. I added a layer over top my photo in my layers box to add my brush to.
Go to your upper toolbar and find Effects. Scan down until you see Custom Brushes Mini and click:
The screen below pops up.
This window can be adjusted, as well as the size of the brushes. To adjust the brush width, you can use the up & down arrows or you can highlight and type in your size. I changed the size to 200 by typing it in.

You can make you photo zoom in or out by using the slider on the side.
On the right hand side are your brushes. Simply click once on the brush you want to use and then click once on your screen. Click ok when you're done.
Once you have placed them where you want them, click ok. My photo now looks like this:
Since the brush is on a separate layer, you can do whatever you like with them.

Also, using brushes is how most photomask designer create the lovely masks we use in our designs, so this would help YOU become a photomask designer, too! Check it out!

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