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Monday, November 11, 2013

Glamour Girl

Supplies Used
"Boa" by Anna Liwanag, here

4 Stix DNA, here
"Glamour Girl" by Cakie PotPie Designs, here
Template #26 by Divine Intentions, here
Circle Mask by Monti, here
Xero Radiance

Let's Begin!

Open template and delete the copyright layer. Save as Liwanag Glamour Girl.

Open your tube and re-size by 85%. Rename layer TUBE.

Open CPP_GG_Paper6 and add your mask. Copied merged and add below your “circle layer”. Center it the way you like it. Duplicate, merge layers and re-size by %.60 Rename this layer mask.

Open CPP_GG_Paper2, highlight your circle layer and: Selection > Float > Defloat > Edit Selection > Add paper > hit delete > Select none. Delete original circle layer and rename new layer circle. Lightly drop shadow this layer.

While still on circle layer (new), duplicate layer and go to: Effects > Xero Radiance, with these settings (going down): 128 / 50 / 128 / 255. Add blinds settings: 9 /65 / colour #c6c3c3 / check both boxes /ok. Lower the opacity to 75%. Rename layer highlight.

Open CPP_GG_Paper6, re-size 55% and find star layer. Selection > Float > Defloat > Edit Selection > Add paper > hit delete > Select none. Delete original star layer and rename new layer star.

Go to TUBE layer and duplicate. Hide copy.

Go to star layer and: Selection > Float > Defloat > Invert > go to TUBE layer > hit delete > select none. Unhide copy of TUBE, lightly drop shadow and erase the bottom of the TUBE so it looks to be inside the star. Do your best not to disturb boa. Merge layers of TUBE.

Lightly drop shadow star layer.

Open CPP_GG_MartiniGlass, re-size by 35% and place on the left side of TUBE. Lightly drop shadow and rename this layer glass.

Open CPP_GG_Ribbon1, re-size by 45%, add below glass layer and duplicate. Rename this layer ribbon 2.

Move second ribbon layer above glass. Add a light drop shadow .Rename layer ribbon 1. Use your eraser to eliminate the extra ribbon in front of glass carefully to make the glass looked enclosed in ribbon.

Open CPP_GG_Sparkles1 and add above your mask layer. Add a deep drop shadow to it, move into position and rename this layer sparkles.

How to create iPod:

Open close up tube and add to iPod. Size UP by 125% and move below iPod.

Open CPP_GG_Paper1 and copy. Using your magic wand, click inside the frame opening and: Select All > Modify > Expand > by 7 > add your paper > invert > delete > select none. Move the paper layer down below tube layer.

Add a drop shadow to tube. Highlight paper layer and: select all > float > defloat > invert > click on tube layer > delete > select none. Duplicate iPod layer, drop shadow and erase everything from around the window opening but NOT inside the window opening.

Copy merged. Add above all layers of your tag. Re-size by 23%, free rotate by 17% to the left, move to bottom near glass, sharpen once and lightly drop shadow. Rename layer iPod.

Open CPP_GG_Rose and re-size by 23%. Add above iPod and lightly drop shadow. Rename layer rose.

Add any other little layers you wish and save. I have added a little flair to mine and it is up to you to add yours.

Add your name and copyright information. Enjoy!

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