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Monday, November 11, 2013

Magical Place

Supplies Used 

Tube of choice: Bez Boardman’s "Biana."
I used FTU Arkhive (for Tzimisce) and PTU Inspiration (name).
“A Magical Place” by Gothic Inspirations. You can find it here.
Gem’s "Mask 43" by Gem. You can find it here.
Eye Candy400 Gradient Glow
Xero Porcelain

Let's Begin!
Create a new canvas 900x900.  We’ll crop later but I like room to move.

Open window, add to blank canvas and re-size by 90%.

Open paper 5. While holding down shift, click inside of each section until highlighted. 

Copy your paper, add to your frame, selections > invert > delete > select none. Move to under your frame. Rename layer frame paper.

Duplicate frame layer and add your chosen (wide) drop shadow to the bottom layer. 

Erase all darker shadow from around the outside. On top layer, make a tighter drop shadow then erase inside of that frame. Merge frames. Rename this layer frame.

Open your choice of tube. With my tube, I had to re-size up by 155%, placed it in the middle of your frame. Move to below your frame, erase the bottom from the frame. Rename this layer tube layer 2.

Duplicate, move above your frame, drop shadow and erase the bottom and right side. Rename this tube layer tube layer 1.

Open paper4, apply your mask, copy (merged) and add to the bottom of your canvas. Duplicate and merge. Rename this layer your mask.

Open mesh, add below your frame layer, re-size UP by 155%. Add your drop shadow. Rename this layer mesh.

Open lawn mirror, re-size by 75%, add above frame paper layer, and move to the bottom of frame. Flip layer, drop shadow, flip again and erase all the hangs out from the bottom of frame. Rename this layer lawn.

Open bench and re-size 85%. Add to your canvas on the right hand bottom. Drop shadow to your liking and rename this layer bench.

Open vase, re-size by 40%, add above frame layer, and move to the left side bottom of canvas. Drop shadow to your liking. Rename this layer vase.

Open flower1 and re-size by 50%. Add above your vase, drop shadow, and then carefully erase the stem as close as you can to the vase opening. Rename this layer flower1.

Open BlingSpill and add to under your vase. Re-size 125%, rotate layer 90 degrees clockwise, drop shadow to your liking and rename this layer bling.

Open Ivy, copy and add below your bling spill. Drop shadow to your liking and rename this layer ivy.

Open Lantern and re-size by 45%. Add this above your lawn and in the left hand side window pane. Drop shadow to your liking and rename lantern.

Open bow and re-size by 40%. Add above your vase layer, free rotate by 17%, drop shadow to your liking and rename this layer bow.

Open flower 2, re-size by 40%, drop shadow to your liking and place on bench near vase. Duplicate and move to the lower leg of bench. Merge layers. Rename this layer flower2.

Open cloud, mirror and re-size 125%. Push this to the top of your tag, drop shadow and rename this layer cloud.

Open word art, reverse colour to black and re-size up by 125%. Sharpen twice. Add it below flower 1 and above vase layer. Add drop shadow and rename this layer word art.

Crop and re-size your tag. Add your name then add the Xero porcelain settings below.

Add your copyright and you’re done!

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